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Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited is the largest enterprise utilizing collagen in China, specializing in the manufacture and sale of edible collagen sausage casing products. With a focus on the health industry for development, the Group also promotes the project construction for the industrial chains steadily and proactively investigate the application of new collagen technologies in new areas.

The Group is the largest manufacturer of edible collagen sausage casing products in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). We operate under the brand name of “Shenguan”, and possess over 30 years of experience in the research, development and manufacture of collagen sausage casings. We are the first enterprise in the PRC to have obtained the patent on the invention of collagen sausage casings technology, and also own a number of patents on inventions authorized by the PRC government. The Group has passes such certification as the ISO9001 Quality Management System Authentication, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Authentication, ISO10012 Measuring Management System Standards, QS Food Production License, permission for the export of products, production of halal food and the United states FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Food Facility Registration. The Group’s subsidiary, Guangxi Wuzhou Zhong Guan Inspection Technology Services Company, was certified by China Metrology Accreditation for Food as an independent third-party food inspection institution in 2014, and obtained the qualification for the status of an independent food inspection institution in 2015, which enable it to officially undertake impartial third-party inspection of food and food related products for society.

The majority of our collagen sausage casing products are sold on the PRC market. In order to maintain our market leadership in the country, we continue to research on and develop products and production techniques, while expanding our production capacity to cater for customers’ needs. As of the end of 2014, we owned three production bases in Wuzhou, Guangxi which had a total site area of 1,200 mu (approximately 800,000 sq.m.) and a combined annual collagen sausage casing production capacity of over 5 billion meters, producing over 50 kinds of Chinese and western style sausage casings, including wind-dried sausage casings, fresh meat sausage casings, smoked sausage casings and colored sausage casings with diameters ranging between 13mm and 50 mm.

In addition to collagen casing products, the Group also commences the application of collagen technology in various areas including medications, beauty, food and health care products. In respect of medications, the Group completed the acquisition of Guangxi Wuzhou Sanjian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in early 2015, from which the Group acquired the GMP qualification for manufacturing medical products. Then, the Group acquired 51% equity interest of Guangdong Victory, and hence the technology of producing medical grade collagen materials in the second half of the Year. The collagen wound dressing produced by Guangdong Victory is undergoing clinical trial and its inner body hemostatic cotton is under application for clinical trial. The company obtained the certification of European Union on quality of medical devices (ISO13485:2003) and certification of European Union on control of medical devices utilizing animal tissues (ISO22442-1:2007, ISO22442-2:2007 and ISO22442-3:2007), and the production permits for medical sanitary materials and dressings (Class II & Class III) issued by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration. Moreover, Guangdong Victory also has the ability for mass producing medical-grade collagen raw materials.

Collagen is also applicable to the cosmetics industry; therefore the Group acquired the entire equity interests in Nanning Nuyou in July 2015. Upon completion of the acquisition, the Group gained the production, and sales permits for skincare products and health care products as well as seven registered trademarks including “女友” and “女友青春態”.

In respect of food and health care products, the Group acquired 15% equity interests in Ferguson (Wuhan) Biotechnologies Ltd., a company which engages in professional health care products. Ferguson Wuhan focuses on the research and development, production and sales of products for pregnant women, toddlers and persons with special needs. For the three years ended 31 December of, 2013, 2014 and 2015, our revenues amounted to RMB1,654,500,000, RMB1,403,000,000 and RMB1,054,565,000 respectively.

Head Office:29 Fudian Shangchong,Xijiang Fourth Road,Wuzhou, Guangxi,PRC
Tel and Fax:0774-2035538